Knights of Pythias Lodge

A look at a once proud lodge in the Elk City area of Charleston.

3D Robotics Iris; GoPro Hero3, narrow video, 60 fps, Tarot gimbal. Flew two programed routes circling the hall.

First too close to building, watched from ground and guessed at yaw orientation. Yaw control in the blind with Iris at the front of the building.

Yaw control on second wider shot controlled with FPV (Hero 3, Fat Shark 5.8 GHz Tx, FatShark Attitude). However a Premature low battery alarm setting in Pixhawk autopilot terminated flight program at second waypoint on building corner with RTL.

Autolanding in wind gust skidded Iris across aphalt terminating in a water-filled pothole. Camera and gimbal electronics exposed to water, attempt to handle Iris with spinning props produced a series of modest cuts on right hand.


Yaw on close shot in the blind from the building's rear parking lot.

Wind gusting to 15 knt, Tarot gimbal.



Shot several days later with Blade 350QX and GoPro Hero3, 0.5 second time lapse, calm.