Running 'Lectric

Need juice to power tools and lights. AEP has it, I want some.

The 2011 National Electric Code likes lots of grounding. Since it is a wet metal building, I like them too.

The 2011 National Electric Code likes lots of grounding. Since it is a wet metal building, I like them too.

Hangar 40 Move-In


After a trailer load of trash to the dump ($10 fee) and a 8' x 16' work platform, the trailer with portable woodworking tools has been secured on-site.

Hangar in Rehab


Hangar 40 at Mallory Airport, (WV12) will be the assembly location for experimental motorglider tail number N25XB.

The hangar is a twenty-something pipe and steel construction, with a porous roof, no front closure, and no electrical service (yet).

Foliage and fatigue.

Foliage and fatigue.

Hangar in need of rehab.   

Hangar in need of rehab.


Sonex Xenos Motorglider Construction

I've begun the process of constructing a Sonex Xenos motorglider. The Xenos is an updated John Monnett design. I purchased plans for a John Monnett Moni Moni single-place motorglider moni drawing back in 1985, and never was able to let go of the motorglider idea.

The Sonex Xenos is a two-place design.

Build Log Website

My build log for this aircraft is hosted through a Windows program, KitLog. The KitLog software tracks build time, costs, and produces an end product that can be submitted to the FAA during the airworthiness/homebuild certification process.

Wrecking Crew - Not associated with Harley-Davision...

Two consecutive days with two fatal wrecks with the Iris. Tuesday running mission with landing due to loss of radio into a tree in Harris Riverfront Park, with a subsequent 10 meter fall onto a concrete walkway. Broken arm, motor damage.


New arm and motor, calibrated ESCs, radio, but unable to calibrate accelerometers with DroidPlanner 2. Drift to starboard in any auto mode. Caught long leg on ground, twisted arm to breaking.

Lessons learned:

BTSync CLI with Drobo5N/FS

If you, like I have discovered (or have been led to) Bit Torrent Sync as a replacement for rsync, timeMachine, or any other file backup utility, then here is my experience in adapting it to work with the NAS storage solutions from Drobo.

Drobo5N NAS

The DroboFS and Drobo5N run a *nix OS which opens the box to a wide range of open source software. Repositories other than Drobo sanctioned, tested, and approved can be found in

I installed the BTSync package for the 5N. Follow the simple installation instructions with SSH or copy to the DroboApps folder and restart.


West Virginia State Capitol

A bird's eye view of Cass Gilbert's design of the West Virginia State Capitol.


GoPro Hero3 black, 7mPixel med, time lapse 0.5 seconds; Blade 350QX v1.0.

Green flight mode to maneuver near the dome at a max evevation of 160 feet AGL. Switched to blue mode to gain altitude above dome, then back to green to engage automatic altitude control back to 160 feet AGL.



Knights of Pythias Lodge

A look at a once proud lodge in the Elk City area of Charleston.

3D Robotics Iris; GoPro Hero3, narrow video, 60 fps, Tarot gimbal. Flew two programed routes circling the hall.

First too close to building, watched from ground and guessed at yaw orientation. Yaw control in the blind with Iris at the front of the building.

Yaw control on second wider shot controlled with FPV (Hero 3, Fat Shark 5.8 GHz Tx, FatShark Attitude). However a Premature low battery alarm setting in Pixhawk autopilot terminated flight program at second waypoint on building corner with RTL.

Autolanding in wind gust skidded Iris across aphalt terminating in a water-filled pothole. Camera and gimbal electronics exposed to water, attempt to handle Iris with spinning props produced a series of modest cuts on right hand.


Yaw on close shot in the blind from the building's rear parking lot.

Wind gusting to 15 knt, Tarot gimbal.



Shot several days later with Blade 350QX and GoPro Hero3, 0.5 second time lapse, calm.

Blade 350QX

The Blade 350 QX with version 1 firmware provides a 9-11 minute platform for a GoPro Hero 3 camera.

MultiRotor: 3dRobotics Iris

Setup: 3dRobotics Iris, Pixhawk, Tarot gimbal with GroPro Hero 3, FySky , 3500 mAh battery.

Added Fat Shark video Tx; FatShark balance port regulator; circularly polarized antenna; cable to Hero 3 unfinished.

Maiden flights, wind 5 to 15 knots. Flipped on back, required a good deal of forward trim.